Re: [NTLK] Help, My 2100er screen is going crazy

From: esworp (
Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 14:26:24 EDT

I've been living with the jaggies for about three months..

You can cope with it. Yes it is a pain in the ass.

        Here's my routine. I whip out the newton at the beginning of the
day during the roll at my first course of the day (Early Drug Court
Policies, for those who weren't interested). Usually the calibration is
totally goofy, and the jaggies reign supreme. After guessing where the
pen has to be in relation to where the tablet places the pressure point
for a moment (sometimes it's not too bad, other times i have to really
scribble!) i can pull up the 'align pen' routine. sometimes, that fixes
it if you remember to lay your wrist on the newton like you're writing.
Don't just tap the Xes from straight down (unless you dont lay your hand
on the side of the newt. The deal is, when the edge of the plastic case
rests on the touchscreen, it sways the registered contact point away
from where the stylus pushes towards the point where the case contacts.
Push harder on one point, and the contact position swings towards it.
        Draw lots of straight lines in notepad or draw or something
similar... use a straight edged tool to make the line true. Draw a few
lines using different pressure to to make different examples. Someitmes
a light touch won't spoof the touchscreen fault, but when you start
writing the pressure use is totally different, and things get shitty
real fast. Did the line jump in a particular spot? odds are there's
some crud in the opposite direction of the 'spike'. use a bit of
blotter paper to fetch it out.
        Sometimes that doesnt cut it. So, I whip out my trusty FSU Student
Card (otherwise useless, save for the soda machine swipe action!) and
slip it in between the case and the touchscreen. The goal here is to
slightly deform the case in an effort to make it's natural resting
position _off_ of the screen. Put the card in there and wedge it up a
little bit. If the calibration doesnt fix it for a few hours, this
should. If not, you should think about any scratches you have on it
(dont give me that perfect screen crap, either.. _everyone_ has
scratched their screen!) and how thier position relate to the

        On my 2000, the are consistent spikes that mirror the lid clasps
position, and a deformation on the pcmcia slot side near the apple logo
side. one is (obviously) due to the clasp thingy contacting the screen
when i write, and the corner bit is because i had to repair the mobo on
this newt, and the reinstall left the screen a little on the thick side
there. no worries, though. A quick adjustment during boring part of
class, and I'm golden for the rest of the day.

BTW, if you screw up your rig following my advice, remember, i am
probably the dumbest newton user alive, and should not be listened to
under any circumstances.

On Friday, August 31, 2001, at 11:27 AM, Laurent Daudelin wrote:

> on 31/08/01 06:23, Dominik Westner at wrote:
>> Hi,
>> my 2100er looses its calibration within minutes. Sometimes it is not
>> possible to calibrate it at all.
>> I have read a suggestion on one of the newton websites to put a thick
>> paper between the screen and the enclosure in the corners of the
>> screen.
>> Actually this helped for a while. But now it's back again.
>> Does anybody have an idea what's the reason for this and how to get
>> this
>> fixed?
> You're probably talking about the "jaggies", which is common on 2x00
> after
> using them for a little while.
> Some people mentioned cleaning the edge of the screen, underneath the
> case,
> some people mentioned system soup entries becoming corrupted, and some
> people mentioned a hardware problem, where the touch screen is simply
> wearing out, so that your only recourse is to send the unit to Apple for
> service.
> Pick your choice. Before trying the hardware solution, you might want
> to try
> to fix the previous 2 and if doesn't work, then you're down to number
> 3...
> -Laurent.
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