[NTLK] GPRS success / SonyEricsson T68i / Newton 2100

From: Camillus Guhl (cam_at_guhl.net)
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 17:52:14 EDT

Hi Newts

Finally I got my T68i to "dial" a GPRS connection with my newton (GPRS: Data Service
on GSM mobile networks, only amount of data transmitted (and NOT online time) is
charged, currently 5$ per Megabyte with my provider). Speed goes up to 57.6 kbit/s.

Following hardware setup and settings work with my service provider sunrise
(www.sunrise.ch, Switzerland):

1) SonyEricsson T68i

2) SonyEricsson Serial Data Cable DRS-10 (or DRS-11)

3) Sub-D Adapter to connect the data cable to the newton's interconnect adapter (
http://newton.pbk-solutions.de/produkte/kabel/adapter_seriell.htm )

4) NIE 2.0 serial setup:
- Serial Setup
- Protocol: PPP
- Configuration: Server
- User ID: dummy (may vary)
- When closing, disconnect after: 1min (or other)
- DNS: (your isp's dns)
- DNS: (your isp's dns)
- Domain Name: sunrise.ch (your isp's)
- Login Script (3 Steps):
-- Send ATDT*98*1# (to call the first data account on your T68i, if the first account
is the WAP data account, and the second is the data account, ATDT*98*2#)
-- Send CR
-- Wait for CONNECT
-- End
-- TimeOut 60s

5) Advanced Settings: 57600-None-1



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