Re: [NTLK] Any developers available to clean up Equate?

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 16:20:10 EST

on 2/19/02 12:11 PM, David Mantripp at wrote:

> And anyway, as I asked myself many years ago, do spreadsheets _really_ make
> sense on a Newton ? An intelligent data access tool which supports
> synchronisation within a desktop spreadsheet master document would be a lot
> more appropriate, and a better use of developer time.

In a word, yes! I use Qfigure spreadsheets weekly. There are certain uses of
spreadsheets on the Newton that make them invaluable. I'll share a couple

One that I use the most is a simple calculater that converts
Euro/metric-style measurements of figuring gas mileage to American. In fact,
now that I bought an imported American car, which measures distances in
miles, this calculator is invaluable. I enter in the miles I've driven, how
many km I've driven since the last tank, the cost per liter in zloties, and
the calculator outputs gallons used, kilometers driven, price per gallon in
dollars (an interesting study--currently $2.80/gal). It also outputs my
liters per 100 km, km/l and mpg. Although the data usually hurts, :-) this
spreadsheet is quite useful. I also have a spreadsheet, where I enter my
bills when they come each month, and am playing with using it as a
gradebook. I have other spreadsheets I create from time to time that get
used and forgotten, but they have served their purpose. :-) The key is to
stick with small, functional, and potentially resuable spreadsheets. If I
had a spreadsheet with a nicer interface, I would probably use it even more,
so Equate is interesting to me.

Another aspect to consider is compatibility with the modern OS's. If Equate
fixed this, it might make a deal-maker for some people. :-)

(Sorry, but couldn't sit on the sidelines on this one, especially since I've
had Qfigure out so much this week...)

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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