[NTLK] temporary departure, NUGWASH, Tactile

From: Anthony Velasco (ecotone_at_mac.com)
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 03:14:50 EDT

I'm taking a temporary position in Washington DC for the next six weeks and
need to devote much of my attention to the tasks at hand. I'll be setting my
NewtonTalk subscription to vacation, starting this Sunday or Monday (I hate
to miss any interesting threads).

I'm hoping that NUGWASH can swing a meeting during this time, so I can meet
some of you folks (except for the week of June 17th).

Laurent, if you are successful in scheduling a NUGWASH meeting, could you
please contact me through my hotmail account? If others wish to purchase any
Tactile software during this time, also please contact me at my hotmail
account listed below - the mac.com email account will be on hold for the
interim. Thanks!

  Anthony Velasco, USFWS-Ecologist/ecotoxicologist

This Newt's trekking through cactusland and lov'n it!

Managing Sales and Licensing for Newton Software at:
  http://www.tactile.com - Tactile Systems, Inc.
Contact me via the above E-mail for more information

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