[NTLK] Making audio dongles out of Serial adapters

From: Daniel Padilla (daniel.padilla_at_wanadoo.es)
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 11:50:33 EDT

Some people has contacted me about the posibility of making audio dongles from
their serial adapters.

  Considering that ripping a dongle is a time consuming task, I can't lower the
price of the audio adapter.

    If you provide me with a serial adaptor, i will make the dongle for 45

    If you provide me with a NIC connector, i will make the dongle for 35 Euros.

    Please, email me offlist for more info to: daniel.padilla_at_wanadoo.es with
the words "audio dongle" in the subject line.

     All transactions will start when I receive the dongle/connector. Payment
via paypal, MO or cash.

Daniel Padilla

    The finished dongle looks like this:


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