[NTLK] Subject: Re: [OT] Airport Security craziness

From: Cliff Penwell (cpenwell_at_emnet.org)
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 16:29:57 EDT

Just a note to weigh in. I travel about 50K a year around the world with
my Newt (including a fair amount since Sept. 11), and I've never had to
take my machine out of its leather notebook case--or out of my duffel bag,
for that matter. If they ask if anyone in line is carrying a laptop, I
keep my mouth shut. I used to explain that I had a PDA, but stopped when I
saw that they weren't really that interested in anything but laptops
(which I *have* had to demo for the security folks). Now I just leave the
MP in my bag, and nobody ever looks twice as it passes thru the x-ray. And
I've never lost any data or had any untoward results, BTW. I suppose it's
shielded well enough by all those dirty socks...

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