Re: [NTLK] Install pkg. files from the internet

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Sun Jun 02 2002 - 00:15:52 EDT

Well, you basically have the correct idea. Browse to
the package and then tap on it and it will install!
Yes, it's that simple!
Try it by browsing with your Newton to my site:
I have thrown up a bunch of Newton packages that I use
that therefore put up in a web page. I don't connect
my Newt to a desktop and I don't synch. My Newton is
completly autonomous...
Now, for the caveats.
Your server must have the correct MIME configuration
to allow the package to be downloaded and installed.
And two, you need to choose what to do with the
package once it is downloaded. You can choose to
either leave it in your in/out box, or install it
immediatly. I usually choose to have it sit in my
in/out box because all my stuff downloads to my
card...I may want to install it internally myself
later on!
I've never used NewtFTP...I've been meaning to try,
but who has time anymore? To give you an example.
Since I don't synch or connect to a desktop, my only
way of installing a package is through a web browser.
That's the whole purpose of my package download page.
Note, this page is just to download the package. I
recommend that you find the actual archive on UNNA for
the full documentation...I don't have it so don't

web/gadget guru

--- Steven Stanley <> wrote:
> I'm wondering how to install package files from the
> internet onto my
> Newton. I know how to download a package file to my
> ibook and then use
> newten to install the package file onto my
> MessagePad. What's the
> process for using a web browser (LunaSuite or
> NetHopper) to download a
> package file directly onto your Newton. Does it
> automatically install
> the pkg. file as a software program as you download?
> Or do you have to
> do something else to the .pkg file once it is on you
> Newton? How about
> if you use Newtftp?
> Steve
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