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From: Jim Anderson (
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 12:38:41 EDT

John wrote:
> I just wish that "RTF" was more "standard" when it came to=20
> the various platforms. I don't know if it is Microsoft's=20
> fault alone or not, but the differences between "standard=20
> RTF" documents between Windows (both Word and WordPad), Mac,=20
> and NeXT are huge! If I do anything even slightly complex, I=20
> get significantly different output along those 4 platforms. Bah.

        RTF really isn't intended to produce identical (or even similar)
output on different systems. The original idea behind RTF was similar to
TeX or HTML, where you could include formatting and context information
in your text. Like both TeX and HTML, there isn't much support for
detailing your output. To make things worse (from a layout point of
view), systems are free to support the RTF tags that they want to, and
ignore the rest.

Jim Anderson

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