Re: [NTLK] trouble with Lucent silver wavelan card

From: John Goggan (
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 14:04:51 EDT

Jesse Garnier wrote:
> I've recently obtained a 'C' card in addition to an 'A' that I have. The 'C' card is never recognized at reboot, but, if I eject and re-insert it, it is recognized and everything works well. I am still on alpha3 though.

This usually means that you have the driver on your card store instead of the
internal store. Is that the case? The cards are checked after the internal
store stuff is loaded, but before the external storage. Therefore, if the
driver is on the external card, it doesn't exist when the card is detected and
the Newt attempts to load a driver for it.

So, make sure that you have all of your drivers on the internal store -- and
then your card should be recognized at reboot.

 - John...

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