[NTLK] Any reason not to use older motherboard in MP2x00?

From: Jim Witte (jswitte_at_bloomington.in.us)
Date: Sun Jun 02 2002 - 18:15:09 EDT

   I just checked my new Newt's memory and found that it is not an
upgraded 2000 like the Ebay page said it was, but an unupgraded model
(Aarrgh!!) Now I can either go through a rigamarole with
phillydiscounters to either exchange it - which I don't particularly
want to do considering it took this long to get it, and I don't know
what kind of screen I'd get in return, find someone to upgrade the using
the chips from my old Newt, or replace the motherboard from the old
one. I'm leaning toward the third, but wonder if there is any reason
NOT to replace with a possibly older motherboard - calibration data that
wouldn't be right or other components that might be closer to failure
(possibly flash block 0 - can 2x00 daughterboards be exchanged without
fear between Newts?). The other problem with that solution is that the
little white block that holds the display cable in place on the old
motherboard broke, and I'm not sure if the one from the new board can be
removed without damaging it. Any comments - or someone who can do fine
soldering work?


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