Re: [NTLK] Mac OS X "Jaguar" Address Book & Newton?

From: Dion Lists (
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 18:48:35 EDT

> Once the AB APIs are out I might even consider writing an app to do
> the syncing...

Excellent! Please do :-) I have all my contacts stored in my Newton and now
that I'm using Jaguar and an iPod it'd be fantastic to be able to keep them
all in synch.

On the subject of OSX/Newton connectivity software, I've been looking and
haven't been able to find much. Can anybody point me at some good URLs for
OSX/Newton software?

I'm also looking for a USB/serial adapter so I can connect my MP120 to my
B&W G3. Can anyone recommend a good one so I can retire my old 68k mac?


Dion Crannitch

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