Re: [NTLK] Mac OS X "Jaguar" Address Book & Newton?

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 19:55:03 EDT

>> Once the AB APIs are out I might even consider writing an app to do
>> the syncing...
>Excellent! Please do :-) I have all my contacts stored in my Newton and now
>that I'm using Jaguar and an iPod it'd be fantastic to be able to keep them
>all in synch.
>On the subject of OSX/Newton connectivity software, I've been looking and
>haven't been able to find much. Can anybody point me at some good URLs for
>OSX/Newton software?
>I'm also looking for a USB/serial adapter so I can connect my MP120 to my
>B&W G3. Can anyone recommend a good one so I can retire my old 68k mac?
>Dion Crannitch

As for a USB-->serial adaptor, they all seem to work. I've used Belkin.

Mark Ross

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