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From: Woo Lee (
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 21:55:04 EDT

>The 990, like all coolpixes subsequent to the 700 has a tendency to =
overexpose faces with flash, to make facial midtones too red, and to =
suffer from a color shift towards yellow in the washed out highlights.

Same here with the 950. Oh well.
>My experience is that if you set a 990 to focus manually at 3 ft it will =
focus on 3 metres. Try it.

About half the time, I just recheck the viewfinder and LCD.
>>Of course you can also use AAs in the 990 and of course anything other =
than NiMh's is the wrong choice for dig cameras.

I wish the Li-Ion in AA form were rechargable, oh well.
>Unlike the latest models which I believe do not use AA's, sadly. The =
other nice thing about the 700 (and I am not sure which other coolpixes) =
is that it can use the newton power adaptor.

Most want to sell model-specific batts. :-(
:-) It can?...use the Newts'?...gotta check that for the 950.
>The basis for my opinions is work I have done for my website
> I have published something like
>50,000 digital pictures there for clients like Time, Microsoft and

This explains your email addy. ;-D

!ooW %-)
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