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From: Grant [Somewhat Portable] Hutchinson (
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 23:28:09 EDT

In a previous message, typed vigorously:

>I have heard rumors of rumors that there were actually opendoc components
>for Newton synchronization in the works. Anyone can substantiate this?
>Would somebody be able to find these on his harddrive?

Well, looky here. I found the following snippet in a read me file on the
OpenDoc DR4 CD:

     ISIS also makes the Flash-Data family of software for using the Apple
     MessagePad to collect and transfer data rapidly and efficiently.
     Flash-Data can share data bi-directionally with the Macintosh,
     PowerMac, Windows machines, several varieties of UNIX, and Linux.
     Flash-Data is compatible with the Newton 2.0 O/S and the 1.3 O/S. In
     the future, we plan to do OpenDoc parts which will allow you to embed
     data from a MessagePad using Flash-Data.
     ISIS International, Inc.
     4010 A South Poplar, Suite 65
     Casper, WY 82601, USA

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the web site address is dead. But this looks
like the start of what you are looking for. I'll keep digging throughmy
other OpenDoc discs.



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