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Reconditioning / Rebuilding of MP2x00 NiMh Battery Packs :

A while back I had heard that Apple may have discontinued producing MP2x00
NiMh battery packs ( p/n 922-2968 ).

I'm only aware of one other company that cloned the pack, BTI ( Battery
Technology Inc. )

Their version is part number NT-2000.

When I called them at the time they told me it was discontinued and none
were available.

As of 7-20-00 their web page stated "Limited Quantity. PLEASE CALL."

In any event, it appears that the availability of this much needed accessory
is fading.


I recently purchased one from them for USD 55. It worked fine.


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Hey has returned. Many of you probably
saw this on the Yahoo! group, my apologies in advance
for the double-send, but since I'm out of the loop
I'm not sure who follows what lists where... After
more reading of FAQs and Sherlock searches I've
found more questions than answers...

Hello all:

After almost two years of trying to use a Visor Prism I've
decided to go back to my trusty MP2100. I've been off the list
and out of the loop for some time so bear with me if
these are stupid questions. I did try some fruitless
searches through the archives:

 - I've got a C-Pen 600C that I use to scan quotes from books,
I can't seem to beam things into the Newton from the C-pen.
I see there's this package called "BackTalk" but the
web site has been static for a year or so. Can I still register
the software?

 - I'm on MacOS X and an Entourage users. Is there a way to sync
between the Newton and Entourage? I haven't seen much in the
way of Newton-OSX stuff (of course the newtontalk archives
just came up, I'll look there next ;-)

 - My rechargeable battery pack doesn't seem to want to hold
more than an hour of power. Should I buy one off e-Bay?
Can you still get new battery packs? Is there a magical
way to refresh my existing battery?

Thanks in advance

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