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Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 10:34:06 EDT

on 6/5/02 8:25 AM, Thomas Cherry at wrote:

> What all is on the OpenDoc DR disks?

    About 550MB of software, development tools and sample parts and
containers. From the ReadMe:

Welcome to the OpenDoc=81 DR5 CD!

This CD represents an updated collection of tools, components and
documentation needed to develop OpenDoc components. The CD is intended to
be used in conjunction with the OpenDoc Home Page where many of the smaller
and more rapidly changing elements that are traditionally on the CD will no=
reside. The OpenDoc site is located at

What's new?
=80 Source code
For those of you that have been following the progress of OpenDoc for some
time now, you'll be pleased to note that OpenDoc source code is now
available on this CD. This code has been provided for your debugging
convenience and has a complete set of .sym files to assist with coding and
testing your components.

=80 OpenDoc Development Framework (ODF) Release 1
Here's the Framework you've been waiting for -- the best, cross-platform
framework for creating OpenDoc-compliant and Internet/CyberDog-savvy
components, parts and containers. This GM Release, guarantees you RRBC
(Release-to-Release-Binary-Compatibility) thus protecting and leveraging
your component development efforts! Included are the sources and binaries
for the Framework, the Shared Library, tools and utilities as well as sampl=

=80=A0Third Party Components
For those who are new to OpenDoc or are interested in seeing the newest
components under development using OpenDoc, check out the OpenDoc Third
Party Components folder where you will find a version of ClarisWorks that
supports OpenDoc as well as many more new and interesting components from
our developer base. These demo components are works in progress and are
susceptible to crashing so be sure to exercise the usual caution when
running pre-release software. Many of these components take advantage of
Cyberdog so be sure to visit the Cyberdog web page at and download the Cyberdog 1.0 GM version. (The
Cyberdog GM version was not yet complete at the pressing of this CD.)

=80 OpenDoc 1.0.4
This CD also contains OpenDoc 1.0.4. OpenDoc 1.0.4 is a minor bug fix
update from the original OpenDoc release. OpenDoc 1.0.4 contains
improvements to the OpenDoc installer script, modifications to the editor
setup control panel and bug fixes important for the internationalization of
OpenDoc. Also, this is the first release of OpenDoc without an OpenDoc
splash screen.

=80 OpenDoc =B3Kickstart=B2 Components
This is a first look at components that will become a base part of the Mac
OS. These components are in early development but are a good indicator of
what to expect from Apple's base level components. The five KickStart
components include button, image, 3D, and QuickTime components as well as a
draw container.

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