Re: [NTLK] re- QTake, was --where ha.

Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 11:34:51 EDT

> >Yup, the 990 has a different chipset, :-(
> >Use the best rechargables you can. My 1600 mAh. NiMH's get me 150 pics., =
>50 with flash.

You should be able to multiply battery life by about 50 if you use
any coolpix in 'M' mode not 'A' mode and use the display mode called
'Review only'. The screen is then normally off but flashes up the
picture for 3 seconds after you take it - just enough to check the
photo without wasting juice. If I were a roving reporter, this would
allow me to use my Newton and a Coolpix as a viable tool for getting
pictures across the world fast. The weight and battery advantage over
a laptop might clinch it. Fortunately I am more likely to be dodging
bodily fluids than bullets.

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