[NTLK] How - Find out battery voltage on os 1.x devices

From: Gruendel, Frank 3837 S-WF-RD6 (Frank.Gruendel_at_de.heidelberg.com)
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 14:03:53 EDT

Hi everybody,

I am looking for info on how to query the Newton os for some battery values.
I need this info for os 1.x
devices, 2.0 isn't a problem.
I am aware of the global function BatteryStatus(x), but that one isn't
available on os 1.x.
I am also aware of the BatteryLevel(x) function which is available on 1.x
devices, but what is documented
is only BatteryLevel(0) which returns the capacity of the main battery in
In addition, by try and error I have found that BatteryLevel(1) returns the
capacity of the backup battery and
BatteryLevel(2) shifted 16 bits to the right returns the battery temperature
(MP 100 form factor devices
only, apparently).
I need to find out at least one other value, the battery voltage. It would
help if I could also query
the system for the type of battery installed (rechargeable / alkaline). My
life would be heaven if I could
query for whether the ac adapter is connected or not.
There MUST be some way to get at these values, after all, the voltage is
what the Newton uses to
calculate the remaining capacity returned by BatteryLevel(1).
I have stumbled across a product called PowerPDQ 2.0 by NewtwarePDQ which
appears to be using some
of the values I need, do you know who wrote this and whether it would make
sense to ask the author
how he or she did it?

Any ideas, anybody?

Please cc to frank_gruendel_at_t-online.de as I do not have fulltime access to


Frank (wishing he had a schematic diagram)

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