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From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 14:49:51 EDT

on 05-06-2002 8:25, at wrote:

> Notes is my backdrop - I have to tap extras to get that screen, however I
> have 3 pages of extras - mostly things that 'do nothing' if tapped. I want to
> reduce this baggae so as to make extras more manageable.

Now that I understand your question it will be easier to give an answer ;-)

First check what it says on the folder tab of your Extras, if it says
'All Icons' you could switch to 'Unfiled Icons'

If that folder is still very cluttered you can file icons in different
folders by selecting one.
This is the easiest in overview mode, by using the checkboxes on the left,
you get in overview when you tap the big dot next to the arrows in your
button bar.

Next you can file these icons by tapping the little file button, bottom
right (next to the envelope) and either choosing an existing folder, or make
a new folder and file it in there.

good luck,

Robert Benschop

all of this is also in the users manual:

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