Re: [NTLK] "preliminaryCharge" status?

From: Daniel Ho (
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 23:40:21 EDT

Hi John,

What I have done in a similar situation is to plug and unplug the charger
from the Newton. Plug it in, get the message...unplug it (it may hold a
small charge)...wait a few seconds and plug it back in...then when you get
the message again wait for a few minutes and then unplug it again. After a
few cycles it may come back.

Yes, it sounds like voodoo, but it woked for me a couple of times.


On 2002/06/05 2:00 PM, "John Goggan" <> wrote:

> Daniel Padilla wrote:
>> The newton is trying to conditionate the battery for accepting a
>> charge. If it hasn't changed that state after a couple of hours,
> Thanks for the info. After about 30 minutes, a message came up stating that
> "the main battery is unable to maintain a charge. It needs to be replaced."
>> you can try a manual "preliminary charge" applying a 12 volts DC
>> peak during a couple of seconds to the battery. At your own risk!
> Would you still recommend this given the above message? Still worth trying,
> yes?
> Thanks!
> - John...

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