Re: [NTLK] LocalTalk/EtherTalk and Printer

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 08:35:28 EDT

on 06/06/02 05:59, Marco Mailand at wrote:

>> It does. It works. But that was not my question. I don't want to change my
>> wiring because I want to print, especially with a dongle involved.
> Ah, now I got it (probably). You want to print via Ethernet only. From the
> Newton point of view there's no difference between Ethernet and LocalTalk,
> what's visible at one network type must be visible at the other one too. But
> there's an exception (only one? certainly not!): The LTB software doesn't
> route well the LaserWriter thru to the ethernet branch, at least not with
> Newton compatibility. I've replaced the LTB by a piece of hardware, an
> iPrint from Farallon and it perfectly links my LW Personal 320 with the
> Newton and doesn't need a computer running. And the best: I've got a spare
> iPrint for PhoneNet which I would be willing to spare with.

That's pretty much it. I can print no problem from my 2100 to my Personal
LaserWriter NTR that is on LocalTalk, while the Newton is on Ethernet. I
have the AsanteTalk as a bridge and the Newton has no problem to see the
printer. Keep all settings set on Ethernet and make sure that AppleTalk on
your Newton is set to use your Ethernet card.


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