Re: [NTLK] LocalTalk/EtherTalk and Printer

From: James Elliott (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 10:51:11 EDT

I've had lots of problems with the software LocalTalk Bridge, but
never a hitch with a hardware bridge.


>Hi there.
>I have this configuration:
>A Mac, a Win2K PC and a Newton 2100 conntected via Ethernet.
>Every works just fine: I can backup my Newton on the Mac, I browse through
>Internet on all machines.
>Now I have connected an LaserJet 4ML via LocalTalk to the Mac and installed
>the LocalTalk-Bridge.
>I also installed the AppleTalk protocol on Win2K. Now I can access the
>printer and print via the Mac.
>But my Newton can't access the printer! Anyone any suggestions for this.

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