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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 15:06:06 EDT

on 6/6/02 1:54 AM, Mark Ross at wrote:

> Note that Concept Kitchen (who invented WriteRights) on their web site
> warned against leaving one on for more than about one month. The adhesive
> can build in adhesion to the screen making them more difficult to remove
> and potentially separating the top screen layer from the glass.

This may be true for those they are producing currently, but my batch dates
from '95 or '96, before they changed their formulas and plastics. :-) (Yes,
I am still using my first batch of 12--I have two left) :-) Every one of
mine has been on for several months--three at the least--and I've never had
an ounce of a problem removing them, or cleaning the screen afterwards. The
adhesive is very mild.

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