Re: [NTLK] Can motherboards be switched between Newt 2x00s?

From: Backstage (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 15:33:54 EDT

Is it possible to put a German ROM board into a US one (2100 or even 2000)?


P.S.: Does the MP2000 come with ROM Version 2.1?

> If you want to exchange the housing - I did this a few times in the past.
> What you call daughter board is the system ROM board.
> You can exchange this as well and doing this all the previously installed
> system patches will be deleted.
> The unique serial number of every motherboard is stored in a litte ID chip
> on board.
> Exchanging all the peripherals including ROM will not affect this ID.
> Hope this answers your questions.
> Johannes

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