Re: [NTLK] Black T-Shirts & Buying a Newt?

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 21:45:39 EDT

>I'm new to the list after being away from Newts for years (former owner
>of a 120,130, and 2000). I have a couple questions for the group:
>1) Is there going to be a batch of t-shirts made in black? Better for us
>folks with axillary hyperhhidrosis
>2) Where is a good place to buy a Newton 2100? I checked on eBay and
>it's just saturated with the same guy (who I think has a few eBay
>accounts... one of them being Village-something or other). Anyway, most
>of the stuff he's sellling is bare-bones and of dubious quality. Any
>tips on where one might find a nice package? I'm just looking for a
>2100, a medium sized RAM card, modem and ethernet. A good battery
>wouldn't hurt either...
>Thanks for any advice. I'm amazed the Newt is still going strong!

As for 2), try Mr2ndHand. I and others have had good experiences with it.

Mark Ross

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