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Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 03:20:08 EDT

I did not follow the complete thread, but why do you want to take this
detour via PC?

There is already an application for sending names and numbers from the Nokia
to the Newt via IrDa.
There are also a lot of applications for exchanging data between the mobile
and the PC via serial or IrDa, if present.

There is a very nice application to send SMS from the Newt to the mobile
using the serial connection (due to the lack of the IrCom implementation for
the Newt). You can use this application as well in conjunction with the
CardPhone and you can dial numbers from your Newt as well.

And of course there are several ways to exchange/synch names between Newt
and PC.

So I cannot really see a point what your application is for?


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> Anyone remember about how I was musing about making an app to
> transfer numbers
> between the Newton and a Nokia phone? That was almost five
> months to the day:
> Well, if you were interested, you should look at this screenshot:
> I blurred out my phone numbers, but trust me, the data is real. Hopefully
> tomorrow I will work on moving numbers to the Nokia, and then to
> the Newton,
> and after that inserting some logic into the process :)
> Right now all it does is download data from both devices, the
> Newton via serial
> connection and Sloup, and the Nokia 5190 via an FBUS to DB9 cable
> and mygnokii).
> -- Victor
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