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From: Andre Baron (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 05:38:16 EDT

on 6/6/02 7:46 PM, Laurent Daudelin at wrote:

> Depends if you're talking about the "LaserWriter IINT" (which was quite
> or the "Personal LaserWriter NT" (which was considerably smaller).

I have a Iig, which is the same form factor, and it _is_ a monster! I love
it, however, and try to not move it too often. :-)

-Jon Glass

I think that has to be one of my favorite printers! Ethernet, local talk, serial and parrallel. Rock solid decent speed. It is a bit noisy, and ya does have a HUGE footprint (it's currently sitting on my parents desk next to thier cube, hows that for contrasts!)

To the person who was complianing that thier printer was curling pages, you may want to look at refurbishing your rollers, or the whole printer. Had to do that on my parents printer after 200000 pages (it was an office printer before) made a world of diffence, no more creaking and groans. Also does the printer do it with thinner paper?


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