[NTLK] FS:Strange Newton and Nice Clie both relatively cheap

From: webb3201_at_airmail.net
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 17:04:35 EDT

Hello listers,

Time to clean out two of the neglected machines in my closet.

First, a very strange Newton indeed. This machine is an MP120 rom (1.3)
stuck inside an MP130 case. The case is nice and the machine has strong
backlight. Everything works as it would on a 120, accept with contant
backlight. I cannot understand why this was done as I was sold this as a
regular mp130.

How about 45.00 plus 5.00 for ground shipping.

Second, we have a 6 month old Clie PEGs320(I think the warranty was a
year), with 8mb ram running Palm OS3.5 (or 4.0 I forget). Nice screen and
well maintained. The ebay price used is around 120. I will sell this one
for 80.00 as I lost the durn synch cable. You can buy one for about 20.00
or use infrared as I have done.

80.00 plus 8.50 ground shipping.

buzz me off list if you are interested in a machine....I will sell them
together for 110.00 plus 10.00 shipping.


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