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Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 12:14:32 EDT

On 07/06/02 11:41, "Chet Johns" <> wrote:

> Actually... "Staying low, not to get hit in the crossfire"
> Chaos Master by Casady & Greene included a software uninstaller which would
> supposedly remove any control panels and extensions associated with a
> specific program. I had the program but never really used that part of it.
> It is classic Mac only at present but suspect it will be upgraded because I,
> like others, am not really sure where all the parts of OS X applications get
> scattered. Does spring cleaning for OS X include a program uninstaller? You

So far, most applications I've seen on OS X are all self contained in one
application directory. Where you used to have a folder with the application
executable, plus any number of shared libraries, config files, etc., most of
them are now self-contained. Initially, I felt like something was missing,
but now I'm glad because it helps reducing the clutter. The almost only
thing that will be left behind, like Eric Strobel pointed out, are
preferences files, or maybe a preferences directory.


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