Re: [NTLK] Names to Nokia PREVIEW screenshot

From: Daniel Padilla (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 19:04:04 EDT

> So... do I understand correctly, if the phone has a modem inside, and
> the phone is connected to the newton with a cable, it will make the
> newton an internet connection, so it can browse the net with
> newtscape and it can get mail etc? I dont need an extra modemcard in
> that case?
> Im still in the confused state as how to connect my newton to the web...
> I own a nokia 9110 but want to get rid of it and again use my newton mp2100..

    Yes Barb., I use a nokia 6210 + a DLR-3 cable + a special DB-9 dongle I

    You should be able to use the 9110 too, with its serial cable.

> ow yes,
> btw, hamsters got babies last night... will name them newton, e-mate,
> stylus and messagepad...

    Nice! only 4? mine used to had 8 or 9 babies. Aren't they lovely? :-)

Daniel Padilla

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