Re: [NTLK] The OQO should have been the new Newton?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 01:17:59 EDT

on 07/06/02 06:20, Jon Glass at wrote:
> 2. To do any real work with Windows, you had to drop to the DOS C:\ prompt.
> Hm. OS X.. To do some serious work, it was often necessary to go to the CLI
> prompt. This is because of X's dual nature--a GUI on top of a CLI-based
> core.

FYI, since I moved to OS X on my laptop (then a PowerBook G3 Series
"Wallstreet", now a PowerBook G3 Series "Pismo"), I didn't have the need to
go the CLI to do any modification to any file in the file system, or any
other task relating to my machine for that matter. The only times I'm using
the terminal is at work, when I want to open a Telnet session.

It may be true for Windows, although I'm not using the CLI at work on the
Windows NT box I use, but it certainly *HASN'T* been my experience on Mac OS


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