[NTLK] Connection problems with 130 on XP/98

From: Michael Burks (dumbstart_at_satx.rr.com)
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 20:51:26 EDT

I'm having a dilly of a pickle of a time with the Newton Connection suite of utilities. This is my first Newton, and I am a big fan, I read FAQ's I post on websites, but the one thing I can't seem to do is, connect it to my windows computer. Every FAQ seems to make it seems like Steve Jobs walks you though it and it just magically works. I have tried every combination of connection utilities with my windows XP (athlon 600, .5 gig ram XP professional) and it just wouldn't hear the Newton trying to talk to it. I used Portmon to listen in on what was happening to my com ports, the Connection utils would listen to the ports but the Newton just wouldn't make enough noise over the line for it to be heard. I tried running the connection programs in 95 compatibility mode, but no avail. I reformatted another computer I had with win 98 just so I could sync the newton, still no luck. The Newton when trying to connect always stops about 35 seconds into the connection and says, "the connection was stopped because there w
as no response" Then it beeps, I hate that beep, the beep seems to say, "never will this happen, just give up"

Anyone who could help me out there??


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