[NTLK] Finally

From: Rich Lindsay (rich_at_www.thisoldnewt.com)
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 20:52:24 EDT

I got the Nerve to open up my Newt!

This was prompted by getting my port door from Gem Enterprises.

the small part was shipped in crappy padding. I paid 8 bucks S&H ,
Postage cost $.57 The rest of the packing materials were free. What a
I assumed that it would be packed better for $8 bucks.
Also they were SLOW in shipping..............

But I have a new door now.

I got the ser-001 from my desk and installed that. SLick Simple.
Looks very very weird with no dongle at the end of the keyboard cable.
Works well though.

Keep the Green(tm)
Rich Lindsay
This Old Newt
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