[NTLK] WaveLAN Driver 1.0

From: Henning Theune (PhoeniXInc_at_bigfoot.de)
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 05:28:01 EDT


>It's not clear -- it says that WEP only works in the registered version,
>but it also says all features are enabled for a 15 day trial period...

Two versions were published yesterday. In the first WEP doesn't work
in the second everything should work.

At least with an Lucent Orinoco Gold card and a 128bit key (I tested it
at my university with an mp3stream and it works fine!:-)) (German

>I'd like to make sure that WEP works before sending the money.

Me to.

>I guess the quickest way to find out would be to send an email. I'll
>let you know what I find...

I asked noguchi yesterday,


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