Re: [NTLK] AW: WG: error 48209 is actually 48409

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 09:19:14 EDT

on 10/06/02 09:03, Christian Matzerath at

> Errrr... Laurent,
> when I delet Big Notes, what will happen with my big notes (bigger than
> newton size 32k?) Does it vanish or does the newt create another note?

You might be able to see them in the Notepad, but you might get an error
that the Note is too big. Now, Christian, I want you to understand that it
might not be BigNote that is the problem, but I did try it a long time ago
and started having problems when doing backup. I ended up deleting it. Now,
whenever I hear about someone mentioning problems with Notes, I'm always
suspecting some kind of 3rd party "enhancer", that "makes your life easier".
In all the years I've used a Newton, I've never had any problem with the
notepad, except when I tried BigNote. So, you can understand that I'm always
reluctant to all those extensions that are supposed to "make your life
easier" or "should have been part of the OS", etc. The Newton engineers did
make them like we know them for probably some reasons. If the notepad can't
contain notes that are larger than 8 KB, there must be some reason. Patching
the application to override that limit is not smart, IMHO...

So, Christian, you make the call. You might want to bring the text of your
note into Works, if you're using a NOS 2.1-based Newton, although without
BigNote, you'll have a hard time doing it. You could also try Twerx from Dan
Rowley. It's an extension that lets you move a note from the notepad to

Other than that, your notepad's soup might be corrupted beyond repair and
you might have to forget it, unfortunately. Sorry!


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