[NTLK] eMate non-charging Issues....

From: T. (midgard_at_dragon.org)
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 10:08:08 EDT

Hi all,
I bought the screw driver as needed & have checked the wires to the
battery - all look snug. Here is the issue:

Sometimes the eMate charges up fine & the battery works great, etc.
(all normal)
Sometimes I put it on the charger & it will sit there for days or
weeks without recharge. The amber light remains on. The unit simply
sits there dead. If I turn it on, it won't. I am forced to hit the
reset a few times to get it to come up. Then it says that there was a
power loss hence the reset.

What's up with it? Battery's level is good. Charger is great. I use
it or 1 of my 3 others on it interchangeably without issue. (I have a
MP110, 120, 2100). There are no PC cards in it. There is the upgrade
in it. But that is not a problem. The unit functions great normally -
except when charging issues begin. Then all is dead.


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