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From: Dion Lists (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 21:03:21 EDT

> Thanks Daniel. I was enjoying the dialog until Jobs made the crack
> about not getting anything out of hundreds of millions of dollars
> investment in the newton....

I was at the WWDC 2002 Keynote and that crack was the only reference Steve
made that InkWell technology came from the Newton. But it was easy enough to
tell anyway. InkWell looks and works just like Newton Handwriting
Recognition. I almost rushed to Fry's and bought a tablet to try it out but
my WhileInTheStates Shopping List already included an iPod, a big FW drive,
some more RAM, software, CDs, DVDs, etc, etc ... and my credit card would
take no more damage :-(

Dion Crannitch
ADInstruments Limited

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