[NTLK] [FS] MP120 2.0 with Extras, Rare Case

From: Michael Mays (chaosmonk_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 22:14:24 EDT

Hello there, everyone. A close friend of mine (actually the one who got me=
 into the world of Newton in the first place) has entrusted me with the=
 sale of one of his two Newtons, an MP120 with OS2.0 , in the hopes that he=
 can defray the cost of a 2x00 ( after he used mine :D ).

After a quick run-through of functions, there seemed to be no software=
 problems whatsoever. It is in working condition and has no jaggies.

The screen looks pretty pristine. I see no cracks or scratches in it from=
 any angle. The stylus is nice and smooth when writing.

The case itself, being of the MP120 non-rubberized variety, is rather=
 scuffed up. I see no cracks anywhere, though there are a few dings and=
 nicks along the corners and in some places on the front and back.

The Newton's screen cover is present and functions properly. All rubber=
 feet are present though a teeny bit worn. Battery cover is present and=
 functions properly. Flaps covering serial port/AC adapter port are=
 present and work fine. The power switch is a bit sticky when being=
 pressed down but functions properly otherwise. Contrast dial works fine.

Included with the Newton are:

Newton 1x0 style pop-out stylus (this stylus appears to have a rubberized=
 coating on it... it probably came from a 110. The coating is mostly=
 present though there is a tiny worn spot at the top of the thin=
 retractable section)

TWO original Apple Newton black/red 1MB SRAM cards (SRAM being the kind=
 that requires a tiny charge to keep its information at all times, for=
 those who don't know... these cards have the pop-out battery holders)

TWO original Apple Newton black/red 2MB flash memory storage cards

Original Apple Newton 8-pin Serial 2400bps external fax/modem (9600bps=
 fax), will work on any computer as well, as a Hayes compatible...=
 ultra-portable, uses two AA batteries for power

Original Apple portfolio-style leather case... this is an awesome case,=
 I've only seen one other like it and it's currently included in an Ebay=
 auction. The case is for the 1x0 series Newton ONLY. It has a=
 permanently attached internal holster to seat your Newton in (with a=
 little hole for the Apple badge, too!), a clear ID window, space for FIVE=
 PCMCIA cards (or credit cards I suppose but they'll be a bit loose), space=
 to put receipts/bills in, with a flap that closes to cover the card=
 pockets. The case zips shut securely and is mostly leather (the pocket to=
 put money in has nylon or vinyl inside). On the outside are two pockets,=
 one on either cover. The pocket on the front is spacious and has a flap=
 to secure whatever you want to put inside it (I was able to fit the 120=
 inside this pocket snugly, so it's damn big). On the back, the pocket is=
 zippered and one side is accordion-folded to expand a bit and give you=
 more room. The insides of both pockets are the nylon/vinyl type material.=
  The condition of this case externally is not great; there are slight=
 scuffs and dents and stretched areas and imprints. Though I'm not a judge=
 of material, the internal parts look fine. Despite the external=
 condition, I am in love with this case and find myself desperately wishing=
 Apple had made a holstered one like this for the 2x00 (instead of using=
 that idiotic elastic strap stuff that yanks your Newton's door off its=
 hinges). Can you tell? :D

That's everything. My friend is mostly interested in selling the 120 with=
 the accessories included; I realize that the case and cards are probably=
 going to be hot items due to their novelty/compatibility. Just remember=
 he will consider offers for the entire package over offers to split it up,=
 unless the offers for separate items are appropriately tasty.

E-mail me (chaosmonk_at_earthlink.net) off-list if you want to make offers or=
 you would like information I've forgotten about or pictures or whatever.=
  I hope we can get this to a good home with someone on NTLK; I had to sell=
 my 130 on Ebay and I'm worried about it now.

Michael Mays

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