Re: [NTLK] Likely OT convincing arg against MS OS and Germany

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Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 04:35:27 EDT

Let me enlighten you on this topic ;-)

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> anyone correct me if i am wrong, but didn't germany's ministry of commerce
> require this because scientology is considered a cult there?
Not even that. Scientology is considered officially as a commercial thing,
hence no church status.

> > didn't germany have MS build a special version of W2K without one of the
> > disk utilities because it was written by a scientologist? would that
> factor
> > in to germany's decision on switching to linux as well?
No, we have no extra version. But there is some tools to delete the
defragmenter. Sounds familiar?
Remember: this is MS, even localization is made in Redmond.

No the real issue was, that the "Bundesamt fuer Sicherheit in der
Informationstechnologie" (BSI, something like "Federal Office for security
in information technology") wanted to test the security of W2K. For that
they wanted to have ALL the sources of W2K. Microsoft said no, so the BSI
stated that they can't verify the security of W2K, especially not if the
defragmenter has a backdoor or is a trojan.
This was the beginning of the public discussion whether to stick with MS.


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