Re: [NTLK] Wavelan driver not working

From: Darius Zendeh (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 06:45:00 EDT

Hello list!
After using the WEP-key as hexadecimal-value using the alternate, equivalent network-password (WEP-key), I managed to connect to the internet. Both manual IP-settings and DHCP work perfectly.

Regards, Darius. (powered by MP2100)
All your Newton are belong to us

>Everything except WEP works fine for me. I did register the driver. I'll have to ask Noguchi for assistance.
>Regards, Darius.
> (powered by MP2100)
>All your Newton are belong to us.
>>OK, I've tried the new release, and it doesn't work for me. Entered my
>>Airport network name, but couldn't select the channel, although it was
>>already by default on one. But the popup to select the channel is inactive
>>and has "ignored" besides it. What does that mean? Nogushi (?) notes say to
>>delete the worksite if there are problems, but I'd rather avoid that.
>>Anybody has any idea? I'll be glad to send $10 to Nogushi, but the driver
>>has to work without having to call any voodoo...
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