Re: [NTLK] WaveLAN Troubles

From: Miquel A. Pujadas (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 07:39:14 EDT


I also have an Lucent relabeled card, a Dell Truemobile 1150, that neither
may MP2k nor UMP2k are able to recognize. I'd tried up to driver version 1.0
Can't remember wich one now, but a program identified it as a Lucent gold.
On its label says Lucent Technologies.
I'm now on exams but later I'll try what you said.


From: "John Goggan" <>
> paN1k wrote:
> > My friend just got a Lucent WaveLan (re-badged as a Dell card), so
> > we decided to try it on my newton. I downloaded the beta3 driver
> > and stuck the card in the newt, and it wasn't recognized. It's a
> > Dell TrueMobile Wireless adapter, looks exactly the same as an
> > orinoco card, just has a dell logo on it. Any ideas to as why it
> > didn't work?
> If it really is just rebadged, it might just have different ID strings
> the driver doesn't recognize. You might try getting Paul Guyot's "Get
> Info" sample to dump the card ID strings -- then send that over to Hirochi
> Noguchi and see if he might add it to the driver so that it recognizes the
> card.
> Again, that is assuming that it really is otherwise identical to the
> WaveLAN card...
> As a side note, my Lucent WaveLAN Turbo Silver ID strings are:
> Manufacturer: Lucent Technologies
> Product: WaveLAN/IEEE
> V1String3: Version 01.01
> - John...

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