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From: Eric L. Strobel (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 09:36:16 EDT

on 6/11/02 12:34 AM, Steven at wrote:

> What's it called when Apple charges TOP dollar for their products and
> then drops them like hot potatoes?

First off, the price difference between COMPARABLE machines (i.e., same REAL
speed [not same MHz], same quality and features) has never been as great as
has been played up in the ignorant press. And even when the hardware was
relatively more expensive, that was back in the day when Windows software
was far more expensive than Mac software, so this made up for much of the

Second, for years nobody seemed to complain that Compaq was charging far
more for their PCs than others. There was a reason for it, and many folks
recognized this and bought Compaqs in spite of the price premium.

> (NEWTON, Clones, various chips and software)
> Is that called $erving $atisfied citizen$ ???
> I've got 3 older mac$ and one mac clone...none can run O$X...they are in
> the clo$et...gue$$ it$ time to $pend more money on a new Apple and hope
> that $teven Job$ doe$n't di$continue it for another few month$

The MacOS is WAY more backward compatible than anything I've seen on the
WinTel side. My NEWEST Mac at home is about five years old. Sometime soon
I'll be upgrading from MacOS 8.1 to 8.6+CarbonLib, so I can use some newer
software. But, I can run much of the latest software on them currently, and
once I upgrade, I'll be able to run pretty much anything that isn't OS X
only. I *could* (and might) upgrade these machines to MacOS 9.1. Further,
one of them has a G3 upgrade card, so I *could* run OS X, although it would
be 'unsupported'.

Apple made a choice with OS X -- they could either putz around making the OS
compatible with ever older machines, or they could draw a line and then
devote resources to making the OS better. Although I'll not be running it
anytime soon, I think they made the right decision. It does NOT force you
to immediately put all your machines in a closet, unless you fall victim to
the assumption that you must instantly and always upgrade to the very

One of my two desktops at home is a clone and that's my primary machine.
It's browsing the web (with the latest IE), running Office98, Mathematica 4,
playing games, and many other things, and doing them really well. And, as I
said, once I go to MacOS 8.6+CarbonLib (or to OS 9), there's virtually
nothing that I won't be able to run. If you've put four perfectly
functional Macs in the closet, that's your *choice*, there's no compelling
reason that says you MUST do that. As for me, in a year or two, when I
replace one of my Macs, that will be plenty soon enough to switch to OS X.

- Eric.


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