[NTLK] FW: [swap] FS Newton Communications System

From: Joe Anthenat (janthenat_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 11:21:43 EDT

This was on the Low-end-mac swap list, just thought someone may be

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Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 00:35:41 EDT
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Subject: Fwd: [swap] FS Newton Communications System


From: Chris Loehr <clscott_at_interkan.net>
Date: Monday, June 10, 2002 11:09 PM
To: <lem-swap_at_mail.maclaunch.com> (LEM Swap List)
Subject: [swap] FS Newton Communications System

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This was found when cleaning out the office of a longtime employee in
the Bookstore when they moved on. Since it had an Apple logo on it, and
they didn't know what to do with it, so they passed it on to the mac guy
in the building, me.

Anyway I have no use for it: Best offer, in very good shape.

This item is for the Newton:
MessagePad Professional Communications System for Macintosh. Also has a
Newton Logo on the box. Apple part# H0031Z/A. Has a price sticker on it
that says demo and $699.00. Copyright date on box is 1993. Box is in
real good shape so may be of interest to somebody who takes good care of
their Newton

Picture of a Newton on the front of the box, back has picture of a
Newton and writing explaining what all the stuff in the box does.

The outside of the box says "This box contains everything you need to
get started, including the Newton Message Pad, the Fax Modem, Newton
Connection software, a serial cable, batteries, a power adapter, a
Getting Started tutorial card, a video, and even an extra Newton Pen."

Opening the box reveals a red, blue and yellow box and:
What is actually in the box is:
--a still shrink-wrapped Video that just has a Newton Logo on it
--a faux leatherette case with a Newton logo with a hard plastic piece
in it which seems like it was supposed to protect the screen
--a booklet titled MessagePad Setup Guide
--a plastic card that says "Keep this card in your communications
assistant when you're bit using another card" copyright 1993
--a booklet titled Newton Connection Kit for Macintosh User's Guide
--two floppy disks titled Newton Connection Kit for Macintosh install
disk 1 and install disk 2
--an empty yellow box that looks like it held an ac power adapter at one
--a rectangular blue box containing a black cable that looks like a
printer cable, a scotched taped shut plastic sack with two
shrink-wrapped Duracell AA batteries and a phone cable inside, and a
plastic bag with a black device that says Newton Fax Modem on it, part
#H0005. The black device has a black serial cable attached that secures
to it, a door that opens and takes two AA batteries, a phone jack port,
an ac adapter port, and an led indicator light.
--an envelope titled Newton Information, with a scotched taped shut
plastic bag with what looks to be a Newton pen inside, some Newton and
Apple stickers, registration info, and assorted other information.

This stuff looks like brand new, like it was never used. My feeling is
that the Newton and the power supply was out on display as a demo and
was shoplifted back in '93 or '94. And this is what is left. 0 Something
tickles my mind that I heard a story about that somewhere. But that was
before I started in the Union in '96.

No Newton or power supply, don't know if any of it works, as have no way
to test it.

Anyway, I am taking best offers for this. All offers will be considered
to include shipping as I hate to add that on later. I take PayPal,
Cash, MO.

Of course I am hoping this is an extremely rare item and I will get
bookoo bucks, like enough for a Ti Powerbook but I am realistic and
realize it is only worth a couple of grand. Just joking.

Would really like this to go to someone who has a Newton and would have
a need for this. So any persuading writing included with an offer, may
help it go to a good home.


Chris S. Loehr
K-State Student Union Computer Store
115 K-State Student Union
Manhattan, KS 66506

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