[NTLK] Downsized

From: MuHammed Lonon (mjl3781_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 16:14:11 EDT


Ok, so originally i was going to take classes and do a
little work over the summer. But they're not offering
any of the classes i wanted to take. Then I thought i
would just work off some of my mounting debt. But the
department had a budget meeting and downsized me the
Playstation 2 but well FFX is just getting old. So
before I sink into a 'mire of depression I thought I
wouldd put all those useless programming classes to
use and go insane instead of depressed.

Ok now to the issue....


I know this has been asked before but well I am sorry
i have to ask it again: Does there exist a program
that will allow one to wake up newton by tapping on
the screen??? And if so where can I find it??? If
there is well nevermind that cause I gonna write one.
Which brings up the next set of questions:

1) Is such a program possible??? I remember that
there was som software that would wake up newton and
start recording if there was a loud enough sound.
there was also a program the would "wake-up" newton
when the screen was tapped but it wasnt really waking
it up but was more in stasis than sleep and would
drain the battery something ike 4-fold. The "voice"
program was much the same way. So i was wondering is
the answer no because neewton doesn't take input from
the screen when it is "fully" asleep.

2) If possible where can I find the BEST resources,
tools, and guides for programming for NewtOS AND the
RISC chip. [Ahh the joys of nashing yur teeth on
grindstone THAT is Assembly]. I guess the question is
more for the hackers onn the list.

3) Can I get some help???

4) last but not least I apologies for the message I
assure you that next time I will have eaten before I
write(whoops that should've went in the whine

thanks in advance for all the help and useful
info....even the not so useful info and the help that
doesn't help at all.

MuHammed Jamal Lonon
102 Loden Lane Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 334-0848 (local)
(803) 428-6757 (perm.)
mjl3781_at_rit.edu (alt.)

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