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Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 23:19:45 EDT

on 6/11/02 9:27 PM, Jeremy Warren at wrote:

> The link is dead!! is there anywhere else to get it???
> Jeremy
>> Link below:
Link worked earlier today. Must have "Been temporarily suspended due to
excessive bandwidth consumption" (Apple's language)

The guy that has the Mac 6400-6500 website (Now found at check it out) got knocked off permanently becaus=
he had too many visitors. It is not a commercial site.

Apple provided him this explanation.

> Apple has recently implemented bandwidth limitations on iTools HomePages.=
> an iTools user=B9s website receives more than 500 hits in a six-hour period=
, the
> user is limited to roughly two times their iDisk capacity of data through=
> in that six-hour period.
> iTools users who have upgraded their iDisk capacity will have additional
> bandwidth. If an upgraded user=B9s website receives FEWER than 500 hits in =
> six-hour period, the user is limited to roughly 14 times their iDisk capa=
> in that six-hour period. If an upgraded user=B9s website receives MORE than=
> hits in a six-hour period, the user is limited to 2.5 times their iDisk
> capacity in that 6 hour period.
> When these limitations are exceeded, that iTools user=B9s websites will be
> disabled for a period of up to, but not greater than, 12 hours. The limit=
> stated here are subject to change without notice.
> We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have
> caused.=20
> Adam=20
> Apple Support Discussions

Bad Apple!

Visit my iTools website and get me knocked has a Newton Page now
including an false-color X-Ray image of a 2100.


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