Re: [NTLK] WEPPackage installations

From: Darius Zendeh (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 05:28:00 EDT

Dear Phil,

>I was wondering if someone with DHCP working could
>quickly run through their basestation setup. I have
>one of the new white base stations. I'm still having
>problems with DHCP.

My AirPort-configuration:
AirPort Network Name: APSMI01
Create a closed network: unchecked
Channel: 11
Station density: Select Default (Low)
Multicast rate: Select Default (2)
Enable interference robustness: unchecked
Enable encryption (using WEP): checked
Change password:
Pasword: **** (any char, mine is 4 chars long)
WEP key length: 40-bit
After defining the password, make sure to press the top Lock-symbol (Password) and write this value as a hexadeimal-code into the corresponding field (WEP-key) of your WaveLan-Setup on your Newton (all chars in UPPERCASE).

I use: Connect using: Ethernet
Configure: Using DHCP
DNS-Server: (My DNS-server)
Domain name: (My Domain name)
Note: This is the configuration I use at work. At home I use PPPoE, and DHCP.

Distribute IP address: unchecked (e.g. use AirPort as a bridge)
Note: At home this is checked, and "Share a single IP address (using DHCP and NAT)" is marked.

(Port Mapping)
At work: none
At home: several

(Access Control)


Newton configuration:
(802.11b WaveLan setup)
Mode: Infrastructure
Channel: 11 (ignored)
WEP Key: hexadecim
use WEP: checked
Key-code: ******** (as generated by your AirPort Basestation)

(Internet Setup)
Configuration: DHCP Server
Card: Lucent WaveLan/IEEE
Domain Name: (My ISP's domain name)

Did I forget anything? :-)

>I have 3 computers (macs) at home and they all recieve
>DHCP fine, the newton doesn't though. Do I need a
>'closed network'? I don't have this checked.
No, don't need to check that.

>Any advice? Anyone else having this problem?
Absolutely no problems.

>P.S. On another related subject (but off topic).
>If I set the 3 macs to manual IP address (DHCP manual)
>they can all be seen on the network but they can't see
>the internet. Any idea's on how to make them connect
>to the internet with manually selected IP's. Again, do
>I need to change something on the basestation.
AIAIK no changes on the Basestation. On the mac's you need to type in the appropriate DNS-server(s).

Regards, Darius. (powered by MP2100)
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