Re: [NTLK] Suddenly I can't Backup my Newton

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 09:27:30 EDT

on 12/06/02 09:07, James Charney at

> Hello--Thank you for the several replies to my problem. But I'm still
> stuck.
> I replaced the NCU with a new copy--and my Newton 2100 still can't
> communicate with my Powerbook using the ethernet. I still get the "the
> computer doesn't respond" message and the NCU still stays ghosted.
> I do indeed have Appletalk checked on the Farallon Ethernet Card. And
> the green light goes on when I insert the card--and then again when I get
> the message that the Newton can't connect. When it doesn't light up is
> when the barber pole is spinning as the newton tries to find my Mac. The
> Hub is plugged in, and the cords seems tight.
> Again, a serial connection on my other older computer works fine--if
> slowly.
> Any more ideas what to try next? I appreciate all you input. and Thanks,

Are you sure that AppleTalk is configured to use Ethernet? If you open the
AppleTalk control panel on your PowerBook, do you see it using Ethernet? If
you open the preferences in NCU, is it set to use AppleTalk? If you open the
Ethernet card on your Newton, does the "Use the card for AppleTalk" is


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