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Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 10:55:41 EDT

On 6/12/02 2:53 PM, "Joe Anthenat" <> wrote:

> on 6/12/02 8:31 AM, Lee, Christopher J at wro=
>> I can't help it. I find football/soccer/footbol ineffably boring.
> You've apparently never been subjected to a 7-day cricket match...
> ;o)
For your information, Cricket matches last for five days and if you take th=
trouble to learn a little about the game then perhaps one wouldn=B9t find
oneself making boorish comments about something that one doesn=B9t know
anything about

He say's taking the piss a little.
Actually there's nothing quite like spending five days eating, drinking in
the exotic sunshine that we get here in England watching cricketers
cricketing, listening to the sound of leather hitting willow... Followed
rapidly by the sound of umbrellas opening in a panic and cellophane wrapped
sandwiches thuddering back to the bottom of sodden picnic hampers and the
players running off the pitch and the covers coming on and then nothing
happens for two hours and then it stops and they start again and then it
rains again and so on and so on

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