Re: [NTLK] Reset button -- doesn't!

From: David Orriss Jr (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 12:08:46 EDT

That was the first thing I tried. And it didn't work... :'/

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> Occasionaly I also have the problem of the non-working reset-switch. This
> happens to me, when the Newton hangs after a crash (about once in a
> month). The only thing that helps, is to take out the battery. After
> plugging the battery back in, and of course after the following reboot,
> the reset-switch will work again.
> Regards, Darius.
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> All your Newton are belong to us.
>> Sounds like plastic plunger is not making contact. Time to open them up.
>> All my Newts.(12) reset with the button, even my 1997 one.
>> ------------------
>>> I have to MP2100/UPG that have the same problem -- neither of them
>>> respond to the reset button. Is this a known problem that happens to
>>> newtons eventually? What's the recommended way to repair this? --------
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