Re: [NTLK] PC Card Problem

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 13:51:11 EDT

On 12/06/02 13:27, "Caitlyn Antrim" <> wrote:

> After my MP2000u was stolen late in 2000 I was only able to get a replacement
> this year. I have a nice MP2100 and all is well - almost.
> The problem is misbehavior in both PC Card slots. Memory cards are not
> recognized at all, and a Megahertz modem card is reported to be a memory card
> that can't be reformatted because it is write protected.
> I can send the unit in to be replaced, but if this is something that I can fix
> I would rather do that (now that I have a MP again I don't see how I got by
> without it). I don't think opening it up is a good idea for me, but I wondered
> if a deep reset would might do the job. With a current backup I don't think I
> can do any damage to my data or the messagepad, but I thought I would see if
> anyone thinks this has any chance of helping.
> If not a deep reset, are there any other suggestions for a fix?

Nope. The only possible thing that could heal it is a deep, or "hard reset".


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